Benefits clubs/coaches

With exerlights, coaches have access to a completely new training method to improve and advance their level of training. The quick and easy way to implement the system on the pitch as well as the user-friendly smartphone app makes the integration of exerlights easy for any coach.

Benefits player

Speed of actions, attention and game intelligence are very important skills in the soccer game. All of these skills will be trained and improved with exerlights in a realistic way. In all of our playing-exercises, soccer players get challenged, stimulated and nurtured at the same time. Fun and motivation is guaranteed.






Exerlights - basis

  • 8 exerlights LED-shirts 


  • 4 exerlights LED-marker


  • More than 30 different plays and practices for different training objectives

Exerlights - premium

  • 8 exerlights LED-shirts 


  • 12 exerlights LED-marker


  • More than 90 different plays and practices for different training objectives


  • Shotclock as a diagnostic tool






Group Training

  • Extensive portfolio of plays


  • Drills and exercises

Individual Training

  • Unlimited variety of configured exercises


  • Applicability in athletic and goalkeeping training


  • Measurement of ball processing time 


  • Applicable as a diagnostic, exercise or competition tool










SIT Management Team 

Julien Denis
Chief Executive Officer
Günter Pfau
International Relations & Business Development
Jens Lang
Head of Sales
Lennard Eckermann
Head of Marketing





Board and Supporter

Matthias Lochmann
Professor of Sports Medicine FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, DFB A-Licence Coach