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Here we inform you how to idealy use exerlights. In the download area as well as in the video corner you recive additional information on using the technology.


A lot of users ask us the same questions. We want to share them with you and also give you the matching answers.

Taking more than 8 shirts into the game causes a lot of chaos. Chaos which cannot be handled anymore within the training. Once the number of changing shirts is too high, the player's observation capacity is at the end. It than causes negative effects within the training.

Of course it works! Just give out 6-8 exerlights shirts. The plyers without one are wearing a regular bib. By that you have the variability of the changing exerlights shirts but also not too much chaos by the constant bibs.

In the constant us, the battery lasts for 2,5 hours without needing to be charged. It can be prolonged by pauses and the reduction of the light's brightness.

Exerlights works properly as far as a distance of 50m between box and devices as well as between smartphone and box is not exceeded.

Basically, exerlights can be used in every age group. There are users in every age group. It is good to start easy (for example exerlights GOALS at 7 year olds) and than to increase the complexity constantly.

Of course that works! A lot of customers start small with the GOALS system and upgrade later on to the TEAM, PTCH or TEAM PRO system. By the modular constellation of exerlights and the universal box, this is possible without a problem. The prices can be seen in the price list.

There are additional services like hands-on-trainings as well as the prolongation of the product's guarantee. You can find information material in the download section and can ask our colleagues from the support department via Mail (

With android phones, there may be a problem concering the authentification. In this case, it is helpful to delete the network and to select it once again. If this doesn't work neither, the cache has to be deleted.

In order to let the devices know the exercise is over, you have to end the exercise via the home button at the top right corner of the app. Of course, the devices can also be switched of by putting them in the box.

Due to the fact that the devices are switched on and off by a magnet in the box, it is helpful to check if they are put in correctly. The contact to the magnet is the key.

Systems tutorials

Find our videos to use exerlights.

Opening and Charging the System

Systemtutorial - Video 1

Connecting mobile phone and Case

Systemtutorial - Video 2

Starting an exercise

Systemtutorial - Video 3

Right use of the app

Systemtutorial - Video 4

Pack the System in the right way

Systemtutorial - Video 5



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