How does Exerlights work ?

easy use guaranteed - for professionals and amateurs

Exerlights is the first tool to control the training in sports in real-time. With the help of LED signals, training surroundings are changed without the need of pauses or coaching. The players as well as the pitch are enlightened with just one klick. Permanently, the players have to pass different trainings scenarios. By that, the players are constantly demanded and promoted at the same time. Guaranteed fun and motivation!

The user-friendly and free app is the perfect assistent in every coaching staff. You just pick an exercise - the rest is done by the "assistant". The exerlights box is the transportation and charging box. Additionally, it is the "access point" for all devices.

Image System

exerlights box

The exerlights box builds its own signal and can be connected to your smartphone or tablet.

It doesn't matter if you use it indoor, on the pitch, in the forrest or at the beach - exerlights can be used everywhere!


Easy to control via your smartphone.




Exerlights products

From starters to pro.

Everybody has its own ideas of training. Therefore we can equip you with different ranges of exerlights. Even very small clubs can afford the use of the system. An upgrade to the next bigger system can be ordered at any time.

ab 999 €
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Team Pro

Number of markers 4 4 12 12
Number of shirts - 8 - 8
number of pre-defined exercises in the app 16 27 38 69
changes of goals possible Icon Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon Checkmark
individual training possible Icon Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon Checkmark
dynamic changes of players possible - Icon Checkmark - Icon Checkmark
useable on more than one pitch at the same time - - Icon Checkmark Icon Checkmark
possibility of the creation of different zones - - Icon Checkmark Icon Checkmark
exerlights Shotclock possible - - - Icon Checkmark
ask for GOALS ask for TEAM ask for PITCH ask for TEAM PRO
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4 components for your success

Image Components

exerlights box

The exerlights box revolutions your training! It contains the marker und shirts. Additionally it builds its own signal and is connected to the devices and your personal smart device. No need for LTE, GPS or any other signal!

Image Components

exerlights shirts

With you exerlights-Shirts, you set up your training team. For the first time ever, it is possible to change the team constellation on the pitch in real-time and without a break.

Image Components

exerlights marker

The exerlights marker can be used in very many ways. You can enlighten goals, field zones or single cones.

Image Components

exerlights app

You connect your personal smart device (smartphone or tablet) with the exerlights box and than control the training via the app. All actions on your app (virtual world) are brought onto the pitch (real world) in real-time.

Why Exerlights?

You can enjoy these advantages within your training

Icon Why

optimized training

  • training of game intelligence
  • constant simulation of the switching phase
  • targeted training of the speed of action
  • training of awareness, perception, decision and execution in every exercise
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extensive functions

  • endless variation of training through the configurator
  • tool for performance diagnostic
  • useable in individual and group training
  • quick start of the training via pre-defined exercices
Icon Why

innovative technology

  • easy setup on every pitch
  • user-friendly smartphone-app
  • LED light signals give a high variability
  • completely mobile

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